John C. Maxwell

Increasing Your Vision


Lesson 4: In this GrowthTrack session, you will learn how to identify the people who can inspire you to envision “more and before”.

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If you’re still not sure about your vision, John Maxwell strongly recommends finding people who will inspire you to envision “more and before.” In the clips below, John describes the qualities or characteristics of this type of person and what to discuss with them when you meet. As you watch the videos, write down the qualities he names. You will use that list for the questions below.


Be Inspired by People Who Lead Bigger Than You


John C. Maxwell teaches how you will be inspired when you get around leaders who lead bigger organizations.

How to Approach a Meeting with a Leader Who Inspires You


When you are meeting with a leader who inspires you, John C. Maxwell identifies two key ways to prepare for that conversation.

When meeting with a leader who inspires you to dream bigger, what should you ask them? What do you do when you meet with them?



For each of these questions, write down your reflections in your journal.

1. Who are the people in your life who inspire you to dream bigger? Write down their names. They might be able to help you with your vision.

2. Pick one person and checkmark the qualities you think apply to him/her.

3. Are there any crucial qualities that this person doesn’t have? Star them.

4. Do you know anyone else who might have some or all of the qualities you starred? If so, write down their name. (If you don’t know of anyone, write down ideas of where you could meet this type of person. Are there any organizations/meetings you could attend? Do you currently know someone who might be able to introduce you to this type of person?)



1. If you were able to identify one or more people to connect with, pick one.

2. Contact that person today or tomorrow to set up a time to meet. (If no one came to mind, then look at the ideas you wrote down in #4. Pick the one you are most likely to be able to do, and pursue that today or tomorrow.)

3. Thinking back on the video clip you watched, briefly write down the questions you’d like to ask that person.

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