John C. Maxwell

Increasing Your Vision


Lesson 3: In this GrowthTrack session, you will learn about the importance of testing your vision by getting feedback from other people.

Materials Needed




This session will focus on testing your vision. Watch the short video below. Then respond to the questions.

 Testing a Vision

John C. Maxwell recounts how he tested his vision for the Million Leader Mandate.

Feedback Shapes Your Vision

John C. Maxwell explains how visions change based on real world conditions and good feedback.




For each of these questions, write down your reflections in your journal.


1. Test Your Vision. John shared the importance of testing a vision and getting feedback from other people. Could you see yourself doing that? If so, who could you test/share your vision with in the next two days?

2. Learn. John says that a teachable spirit plus humility fosters the learning experience that is essential for expanding your vision. Before you share your vision, plan to evaluate how it went. How are you going to capture responses and feedback?



1. Share your vision. Test your vision with the person you identified.

2. Improve your vision. John says that as a leader, we need to ask ourselves continually, “Am I getting better?” That is the road to improvement. So, how did it go? Which parts do you want to keep? Which parts do you need to improve?

3. Re-enter. Improve it and then apply what you’ve learned. Look at your schedule and pick a time to test your improved vision.

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