John C. Maxwell

Developing a Clear Vision


Lesson 2: In this session of the Increasing Your Vision GrowthTrack, you will begin working to develop a clear vision for yourself or your organization.

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For visionary leaders, clarity is essential. And if you aren’t sure if you have a clear vision, then John has a process to help. To begin to discover your vision, read this excerpt from Developing the Leader Within You 2.0, and then respond to the questions below.

How Do I Get a Vision for My Organization

By John C. Maxwell

“Through the years, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked at leadership conferences is ‘How do I get a vision for my organization?’ When I hear this question, I feel for the leader who asks it, because… until the vision question is answered, the person will be a leader in name only. However, if you don’t (have a vision), I want to help you.

You cannot borrow somebody else’s vision. It must come from inside you…why? First, there will be pressure from outside of you that could dilute the vision or distract you from it. Every day someone or something will stand in the way of where your vision wants to take you…they can wear you down. The result? Vision leaks. When it does, the strength within you is what you must draw upon to sustain you.

Second, a vision birthed within you rings true and has authenticity when it is shared with others. And finally, only a vision that comes from within possesses the ‘weight’ needed to do something significant.”



For each of these questions, write down your reflections in your journal.

1.  Look within you: What are you passionate about? What fires you up? Keeps you up at night? Gives you great joy?

2. Look behind you. What have you learned? Every significant vision possessed by leaders is built upon their past—the lessons they’ve learned, the pain they’ve experienced, the significant observations they’ve made. What are yours? What pain have you experienced? What lessons have you learned, or what observations have you made?

3. Look above you. What does God expect of you? Do you know God? Do you know His desires for you? Does it sow seeds that benefit others? Does it grow you to your maximum potential?


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